You've Been Hacked...

Just Kidding!

In case you're thinking "wtf?", let me explain. You reached this page because I've intercepted your click to an exchange you want to visit.

Scammers do this 24/7.

Why? To get all your coins.

Look, here's a recent Bittrex log history example of someone who had their coins stolen in under 6 minutes, because of their fat fingers:

Now you're probably wondering how could this ever happen? Well it's easy. Without going into details, the basic scheme is to to grab your click and send you to a fake login page for the site you were expecting, where you may not notice you're handing them your username and password as you type it in.

Then they stall you.

And once you finally login (if at all possible anymore), you're account has been cleaned out.


Here's an example of a fake "phishing" landing page:

What I've done is catch your mistake before it's too late... so that those scammy phishers can't rob you.

By bringing you here and showing you how easy it can happen, I hope to have saved you the agony of losing all your money.

So what's next?

Here are some tips for you, so that it doesn't happen in future:
Carefully type in the exchange address one last time on the browser bar... and then book mark it so that you never have to type it again.Use a password generator program like Roboform to generate secure pwds and also save your passwords in one placeIf you are happy with my tips and that I just saved your ass, you can donate some coin to me below. I'll use the money to expand, so I can protect more people.

Donate Ethereum (ETH): 0x71Ce0213EB6aD3407ed4f09d3BE1bb775F5ABF3D

Have a nice day!

Thanks to TB of 51% Crew for Identifying the Problem. Solution by a proud member of 51% Crew.

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